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Useful information

  • Legal Aid is widely available for many people, including for those both employed and unemployed at the moment. Central Criminal Lawyers are registered Legal Aid providers and will be happy to advise you of your eligibility.
  • If you are detained or arrested, you have the right to seek advice from a solicitor before being interviewed. Central Criminal Lawyers provide this service and will be happy to consult over the telephone or in person at the police station, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply inform the police that you would like Central Criminal Lawyers informed of your situation.
  • As well as representing clients in criminal matters, Central Criminal Lawyers also provide advice and representation for Children’s Hearings. If you are involved in a Children’s Hearing or Children’s Panel Procedures, these can be quite stressful, but our solicitors will be happy to provide advice and attend with you at these hearings.
  • If you are under 21 or have never been jailed before, the court MUST consider a non-custodial sentence, such as fines, unpaid work or probation if convicted. Our solicitors will advise you on your position and endeavour to protect your liberty in all circumstances.
  • A discount of up to 33% may be applied to a sentence following an early plea of guilty at any stage before a trial. This often applies to fines, penalty points, non-custodial sentences and  the length of periods of detention. Contact Central Criminal Lawyers to advise them if you are looking to plead guilty to any charge for our expert advice.
  • If you are cited to attend court as a witness and do not appear, a warrant may be granted for your arrest if the court is satisfied that you have deliberately failed to attend. This could result in you being detained until the end of the trial if necessary. If you are in this situation, one of our solicitors will be happy to give you advice and represent you.
  • Being arrested doesn’t always lead to being kept in a cell overnight. You may be issued with a summons or released on an undertaking to appear in court at a later date. If this occurs, contact Central Criminal Lawyers and we will be happy to start preparing your defence immediately.
  • If you are convicted of an offence, you may have the right to appeal the decision. Central Criminal Lawyers have experience of appeals of all kinds and have represented clients in the High Court of Justiciary and at The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. We are happy to represent you, even if we did not represent you in your original case, or if you are unhappy with your previous solicitor. Simply contact us with your details and we will be happy to advise you.
  • Courts can choose to disqualify drivers for Road Traffic Offences under a ‘totting up’ procedure for multiple offences within a 3 year period. Contact Central Criminal Lawyers if you think you might be charged with any driving offence.
  • It is an offence to produce, supply, import/export or be concerned in the supply of controlled drugs. You may also be arrested for having a controlled drug in your possession. Central Criminal Lawyers have a wealth of experience with drugs cases, so contact one of our solicitors for advice if you are arrested or suspected of drugs offences.

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